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The future is never set in stone until it becomes the past, therefore the only thing that matters is the present and yourself.

My name is RayHammer, and I’m the least schizophrenic full-time Linux user.


This website is a small passion project I made using Hugo. It’s still work in progress, but maybe it will become something bigger in the past. This will be my home for announcements, possible projects and maybe rants about tech and life in general.


The future is self-hosted. Here’s my two dimes and ten dollars.

  • Cgit - an internal repo for stuff
  • Searx - privacy-respecting search engine. Might be brokey
  • SourceBans - Open Fortress instances. Currently offline

Where to next?


If you want to support me, you can try using this Russian honeypot of a website. I’ll post an update if it works:



  • 455URuSysur6ETggvNZnnrjHY9Sdh7qY2NvKj2raXG9hdrZNydKLBqPNc4j3A1pLdDeVDLyQZ6VFB84EhKEnm6ntCx8JiMp
  • rayhammer.dev
  • xmr@rayhammer.dev

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